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Founder & Owner Tim Davis

Crucial Evolution

Tim Davis is a Certified Life Coach specializing in Relationships and Disability Adaptivity with the Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA), Tim Davis holds a master’s degree in Human Services Counseling/Life Coaching from Liberty University.  



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Tim Davis

Committed to positive evolution and dedicated to supporting others

My life experiences have led me on this coaching journey, one that is full of changes, adaptations, resiliency, finding and following my purpose and forging a path to new beginnings and exciting new opportunities that I never would have thought of in my wildest day dreams.


I was born and raised in Washington, DC and have remained in the area that I love throughout my lifetime.  Here I learned that opportunity is within reach as I lived in and around the center of the hub of our United States Government.  Within that same area I lived in a place where it was hard to see your dreams and your visions, as many times it was very hard to see hope as it was blinded by unfavorable circumstances and situations.  I always knew that the only way for me to succeed was to go to college and get away, and that’s what I did. 


I earned my bachelor’s degree in Sport Management, minoring in Business Administration from Towson University just outside of Baltimore.  I had a lot of fun in my college days, sometimes too much. But it was definitely a place where hard work was not an option.  It was MANDATORY! It was through my college experience that I learned the value and rewards of that hard work. It was also there where I learned that no matter what environment I was in, if there was anything to be earned and conquered, I had to make the huge efforts to get it.  I worked my way through college with part time jobs, internships, and even traveled with the Basketball team as a manager.


I came back home to DC, and ended up getting a Government job working with the military and organizing sports programs.  I worked with our active duty service members that were coming home from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom with injuries from war that forced them to learn a new way of life.  Through the privilege of facilitating Adaptive Sports that came through our facilities, I got to learn a huge lesson about how to adapt and learn new abilities when the odds are against you, a lesson that I would learn later.


I worked in that position for about 10 years until life started to change.  I started to suffer through some life challenges of my own that changed my abilities.  Ultimately, in 2018, I suffered a huge life altering change.  My left leg was amputated above the knee.  Not it was my turn to learn how to be abled differently. 


One thing that I always knew about myself was that if I could not do a job to my full capability, it wasn’t a job for me.  As much as I loved sports and working with our military service members, I left that life behind me and began to search for what I was purposed to do.  Through soul searching, talent evaluating, many personality exams and career assessment, I still did not know. That is until one day a post card came in the mail from Liberty University.  Funny how life works because it was certainly the message I needed to set upon my journey and my purpose.  After looking through the course offerings, there was one that lit a fire inside of me as soon as I saw it.  About a year later, I had earned my master’s degree in Human Services Counseling/Life Coaching. 


Professional coaching is my passion and my life’s work. In addition, it is a path that has led me back to working with veterans as a Whole Health coach.  The beautiful think about coaching is that I can walk on a journey with others in areas that I have struggled in, learned from, and grown as a result of and be able to help others get to the place in like that they want to be.  My certifications are in two areas that I am passionate about that I feel are of great use to help people improve their lives.  My specialty in relationships afford the opportunities to help build, maintain, and improve all types of relationships through principles such as communication, learning and respecting the personalities of others, and and growth and resiliency through difficult times.  Specializing in adaptive resiliency puts my experience in learning to be differently able to use in helping those on their journey who do not want to be held down from living a full and fruitful life.


I look forward to being your partner on your journey to achieve your desires and successes. 

Email :  Phone: 301-818-1872

"My husband and I have been planning to buy a home. We consulted with Tim to map out our plans. He helped us set realistic goals that can definitely be achieved within the next year!"

Megan and Ian Hancock

Value 01.


Crucial Evolution Coaching stands by its ethical foundation and is committed to giving you the very best effort as we walk along your path of evolution.  


That means complete confidentiality, up front and honest communication, clear and transparent business practices, and providing no obligation to continue coaching services should you not quite feel that coaching is for you, or you no longer feel you need the service.

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