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Coaching for Singles and Couples

01. Dating & Relationship Evolution

Dating & Relationship Evolution: Coaching for those seeking, fostering and maintaining love

Dating Revolution:  Coaching for Singles

The dating world is tough out there for singles who are looking for intentional and future-minded relationships.  Embarking on the courtship evolution journey will help you take a look at yourself and your dating habits to pinpoint areas of growth and development towards putting yourself in the position when the opportunity comes to have the best chance at a lasting courtship.  Learn more about how to bring the best you into and situation that will lead to potentially being vital piece of a great successful relationship.  A part of an organization or friend group that want to explore being batter daters?  Group sessions are also available.

Relationship Evolution: Coaching for Couples

Looking for a change in pace in your relationship?  Are you finding it a little difficult to get on the same page?  Are you having a wonderful time in your relationship and want to continue the momentum of happiness?  If any of these apply, relationship evolution is for you.  Work with your partner along with your coach to do the maintenance in your relationship to keep the fire burning and the gears working in sync.  Discover aspirations with your partner that you may have never imagined and work toward goals in order to keep your relationship fresh and vibrant. 

Marriage Evolution: Pre-Marital Coaching

Are you looking to take the next step and get married?  Take advantage of our Marriage Evolution program powered by SYMBIS to take a 360 degree perspective into your relationship as you prepare to become one in matrimony.  Explore all of the areas that are important to the success of a long-lasting marriage and learn exactly what is that needs to be ironed out before taking the “big leap” together.


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